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The mission of Conscious Ascension is to deliver our elite program to those individuals who are ready to predictably and effectively create higher levels of consciousness within themselves.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." Carl Jung


Imagine your brain and body as a computer. Predictably install new software programs to change human behavior easily and effortlessly. The problem is that most of the world is running the same mental programs and story since they were children. The software is outdated and needs to be updated in today’s ever evolving society.

Why pay a coach when you can learn the skills for yourself firsthand?

- We pride ourselves on the students being self-sufficient to understanding how to have insightful understanding, and change of their own behavior. Therefore, the students are not reliant on a coach for repeat visits or outside sources to understand their problem as well as others.

- We offer 4 certificates for the price of one (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis). Our students are certified through the ABNLP, ABH and Time Line Therapy Association.

- Conscious Ascension provides you with a multi-discipline approach to training, including other modalities that have been found to be effective in engineering human behavior.

- At The Conscious Ascension we prioritize ecological win-win situations for the planet which is why 10% of our profits go towards humanitarian efforts with the Savory Institute for reforestation across the world, in order to create a lasting legacy of sustainability.

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NLP Training Excellence

Conscious Ascension is an American Board-Certified Institute of NLP & Hypnosis.

We specialize in training healers, entrepreneurs, and high-performance athletes who are ready to ascend to the next level. Throughout our courses we will teach you how to achieve what you want naturally by breaking limiting beliefs, changing your micro behaviors, and reprogramming your unconscious thinking patterns.

About Conscious Ascension
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Training Packages


Become officially certified as a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis by the American Board of NLP and Hypnosis.

  • Phase 1 - Preparation For Change
  • Phase 2 - Learn and Develop Life-Long Skills
  • Phase 3 - Integration & Solidification
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Advanced Trainings

Upon completion of Practitioner Training, there are five sequential trainings that follow including:

  • Master Practitioner Training
  • Master Apprentice 1 Training
  • Master Apprentice 2 Training
  • Master Apprentice 3 Training
  • Ascended Master Training
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Get To Know Jase Nisveta

Jase Nisveta, the founder and CEO of Conscious Ascension was born and raised in Tremonton Utah. He grew up in a large family and a tight-knit community, where he was exposed to a variety of holistic modalities at a young age. He spent his childhood working on the family ranch and developed a love for horses. Jase always strove for a state of excellence, being an Eagle Scout and athlete, all while focusing on his education.

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